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Wedding party usually becomes the "arena" to introduce boyfriend to friends or people we know. Quite often we see the guests

who come in pairs while attending a wedding reception.


For the singles, there may be some reluctance at the wedding friends or relatives. Barrage of questions like "why not bring a partner?",

Or "alone? " usually so sentence preamble of the other invited guests who sometimes make uncomfortable.If you include a single woman,

do not let it make you 'minder' and do not want to go. There are many ways to enjoy the wedding party when you do not have a 'tow'.

It's four of them, as quoted from she knows.


1. Do not be Afraid of Going Alone
Going to a wedding invitation with your partner will probably be more fun, but come alone did not make you a loser.

Remember, there will be plenty of food and drinks you can eat. It may also meet people you know to chat. So rather than upset

myself because the status of single, better enjoy the festive atmosphere. Wear the best costume and makeup as attractive as possible.

Who knows you meet interesting men at the party.


2. Come Together Companions
If in doubt go alone, take your girlfriends. Come along with people you know will give its own preoccupations. Could jointly hunting

party food, clothing or comment on other guests who look strange (just do not talk too loud, yes!). To do it all in the middle of a party,

do not have to be with her lover?

3. Invite a Friend Men
If none of your girlfriends that alone, why not invite male friends who are still single? There are several advantages to invite male

friends to the wedding.

First, no one will ask "why still single? " or "when to get married?". Second, do not need 'jaim' because he's not your lover,

and finally, he can pick up and take you home.


4. Go Together's Friends
Make an appointment to go with friends to the party. It would be more fun if all my friends 'unison' you are not in dating status.

Imagine what a thrill involved a variety of topics talks in the middle of the party.

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