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Prom Hair Styles


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Prom Hair Styles

You found the perfect prom dress, jewelry and formal shoes and now you need the perfect prom up-do or hairstyle to finish your look. Look at

our website, or through magazines to find styles that would work with your hair and your dress. If you or a friend are doing your hair, practice

your hairstyle several times before the prom to see how long it will take and to ensure you have all the right supplies and equipment to make it work.

Start planning now for your hot hairstyle for homecoming 2011 and prom 2012!

Tips for salon prom hair updos:

1.Ask your friends and family for salon referrals if you don't have a regular stylist

2.Make your salon hair appointment several weeks before your prom day

3.Try for an early afternoon appointment to leave plenty of time for make-up and getting dressed

4.If you have a style in mind, arrive at the salon with a picture to show the stylist

5.Keep in mind that your prom hair style will most likely look a little different from the picture because of your hair color, texture, length

6.Arrive in plenty of time for your appointment with clean but not freshly washed hair which is difficult to style in an updo

7.Wear a top or shirt that buttons down the front so that you don't ruin your prom hair style

8.Bring your hair accessories along for your stylist to incorporate into your prom hair up do

9.Look for accessories to compliment your prom dress such as rhinestones, beads, crystals, feathers, flowers, ribbons or bows

10.Ask the stylist to apply plenty of hairspray to keep your prom hairstyle in place throughout the evening

11.If you are nervous about trying out a new style like an up do, schedule a practice appointment with the stylist several days or weeks ahead


After your prom hair up do is finished, you'll look different and very elegant and grown-up. Keep this in mind when you look in the mirror.

If you feel like crying when you see your hair style, ask the stylist if she could quickly modify the section of the style that you object to without starting completely over. The stylist most likely will have other clients waiting for their prom hair styles, and is on a strict time schedule during a busy prom day. Pay the stylist and include a tip. If the experience at the salon has been good, keep the stylist's busniness card for future events. On your prom night, you'll look terrific, so don't forget to smile pretty for all those photos!


Prom Hair Styles
1.Long Hairstyles for Prom
You love your goreous long hair and want to show it off for your prom.  Here's where you can save money on planning for your big night. Style
your long hair yourself or have a friend help you. Make sure your hair is shiny clean. Apply product to your hair such as gel, mousse, or frizz
control for the look you want. Use covered hair bands for pony tails and wrap tendrils of hair around to hide. Finish your style with hair spray
or a shine product for extra gloss. Watch the heads turn as your long hairstyle is a hit at your prom.

2.Prom Hair Style Updos
You want an elegant, formal, prom updo hair style for the big night. Updos are a little more difficult so you may want to go to a professional
stylist at your favorite hair salon. Or have serveral practice sessions with a friend who volunteers to do your hair on prom night. Don't forget to
start early in the day so your hair styling experience will be relaxing, not stressful. Make your salon appointment several weeks before your
prom, bring along a picture or give the stylist your ideas of your ideal prom hair style. Have a great time at prom looking pretty and elegant.
For easy, traditional and sophisticated prom hair styles try wearing your hair in a bun, chignon or pony tail. The advantage is that you can style your hair yourself or have a friend help and easily create a great looking hair style for prom. For extra height, the crown can teased. Or wear it smooth by brushing your hair straight back or from a side part. The messy look is being worn by celebrities and perfect for a chignon or bun.
Pull hair into a high ponytail or at the base of your neck. Twist or wrap into a bun or chignon. If worn in a pony tail, you can either wear it super curly or really straight. Wrap a section of hair around the pony tail holder or attach flowers, feathers or other embellishments to your bun,
chignon that work with your prom dress. Less stress and more fun with these easy prom hair styles.
4.short and shoulder length
Short prom hairstyles can be sexy and sleek! Put in mousse and wear it messy, or use gel and slick it down. Curl the ends for a romantic look
or keep it straight and sophisticated. Save money by doing it yourself!
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